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Improve your BJJ 

Our Gym is great, Our coach is incredible and Our training partners look after us. It’s great to train at Team Sukata Ellesmere Port, it really is. 

One of the things we love about being part of Team Sukata Ellesmere Port is that we get to train with other Gyms that are just as good regularly. 

Yes, around once a month all the Team Sukata Gyms in the area will come together to train. It is tough, but the rewards are high. 

You get to test your techniques on people who haven’t seen you training and are not set up to stop your moves. 

Meet new people who have the same interest as you, discuss your techniques and ideas with them and make some new friends. 

Test Yourself

Meet new People

Get ready for competition


Train to Improve

Team Sukata team training sessions are relaxed and friendly.

All members of Team Sukata are encouraged to join us. 

We push each other to improve because we all grow together. Team training is the perfect way to test your techniques and fitness levels. 

Typically we focus on rolling with team members from other gyms.  

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